Success, ladies and gentlemen, may take years – decades, even – of hard graft and dedication. Failure takes only a moment and a poorly thought-through manifesto pledge.

Our new blond boy hasn’t even had a chance to get over his celebratory hang-over (I kid because I love), and he’s already facing a tube strike. Now, that’s not all that unusual in this Great City. Surely he can’t be blamed? He’s only been in charge five minutes!

Five minutes, it seems, is more than enough.

Bojo told us he would “look to reduce the disruption caused by strikes on the Tube by negotiating a no-strike deal with the unions.”

Yes, Boris told us he would take the right to strike away from the transport unions.

For some strange reason, the unions are not best pleased. They are also rather nonplussed – how could Boris have ever expected them to agree to this?

Looking at this policy, I’m starting to think that even Boris didn’t reckon he was going to win. Regardless of your views on Tube strikes, there was no way that this was ever going to work. Even without the recent fireworks between the government and prison offices over almost exactly the same issue, it’s pretty easy to see that no self-respecting union is going to agree to a no-strike deal.

Either Boris has absolutely no foresight (not improbable, of course), or he was counting on never having to follow through. It’s been mooted a couple of times, but this has convinced me that the plan was simply to rattle Labour, not actually defeat Ken. In that case, the workability of the manifesto pledges becomes irrelevant: Boris was never supposed to have to deliver on them.

Labour undermined, Cameron could swoop in later in the year for the win.

Unfortunately for the Conservatives, someone forgot to factor in Boris’ unnatural ability to have things fall into his lap. He won, and now he’s got to deliver these impossible pledges with a straight face. His choice: suffer the fallout of reneging on manifesto pledges, or attempt to do battle with the unions.

Link to Evening Standard article – even they can’t spin this into sounding like a good idea.

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