I have no doubt there’ll be plenty more to be said about today’s Mayor’s Question Time – Boris’s first – but I just wanted to point out the one indisputable lie I’ve seen that he came out with during proceedings, as shown on BBC London today.

In some sort of context at least loosely related to the Sunday Mirror’s exposé of Boris’s red light-jumping on his bike, he said:

Anyone who takes the trouble to pursue me on my bicycle will discover that I’m a punctilious obeyer of traffic lights

Since that has clearly been shown to be false by the Mirror having done exactly that, I find it rather surprising he could try and pass the above off as an answer worthy of the Assembly!

I look forward to seeing the extract shown on the BBC in its full context either via the webcast or perhaps via BBC Parliament.

In the mean time, here are a couple of other people’s write-ups:

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8 Responses to Boris lies to the Assembly

  1. Chunters says:

    So, for the whole 1 and a half hours he was in front of the assembly, this is the only thing you could come up with?!!

    Get a bloody life!!!!

  2. Oh Chunters, your post is so ironic.

    The very point here is that precisely because I do currently have a life, I haven’t had a chance to watch his appearance (which as I understand it was over two-and-a-half hours long), so this post was, as I thought I made pretty clear, based only on a couple of extracts shown on BBC London.

    But of course you’re perfectly placed to advise others on how to spend their lives when you deem posting ill-informed, hostile comments on a blog with which you completely disagree a more worthwhile use of your time than any of the other offers you may have lined up of an evening.

  3. WillH says:

    Another from the series entitiled: ‘Utterly Inconsequential & Wearisome Trivia’.

  4. BenSix says:

    Another in a series (well, pair) of commentators making flailing attempts at humour.
    Here’s your weekend challenge, Will. Ride a bike through six red lights and explain to the police why it is ‘wearisome trivia’. The best of luck to you.

  5. BenSix says:

    Actually, don’t. It would be dangerous, irresponsible and there should be repercussions for anybody who would.
    ; )

  6. WillH says:

    Ben, is that you that I spotted leaving comments over at Lenin’s Tomb? If so, you’ve forfeited all claims of being taken seriously. Consorting with communists is never good for your credibility Ben. It’s a shame you’ve obviously been seduced by the irrelevant neanderthals over there. Try not to indulge in that kind of extremism even though it probably gives you a frisson of clandestine excitement. Try and develop some mature, reasoned and relevant political ideas.
    I know you probably “conceal deep romantic feelings and longings for the iconography of the Russian Revolution, the rise of soviet imperialism and the worst excesses of international communism” (to quote a far cleverer commenter elsewhere), but you really need to resist these deviant desires. Go and study some history. Discover which ideology has been responsible for the worst excesses of violence, genocide and the deaths of 100 millions of innocent workers. Communists make Nazi’s look like rank amateurs when it comes to mass murder. Please try and remember that when you’re next time tempted to associate with these plankton

  7. TyburnTree says:

    Lenin? Communism? Nazis? Meanwhile, back in the Town of Boris: the full webcast lasts a little over three hours – 3hrs 15mins and 40 seconds, to be precise! However, the reason why there is any importance at all in the ‘traffic light incident’ is that it sits uncomfortably alongside any Mayoral anti-crime strategy and particularly one that appears to insist on starting with ‘minor’ crimes such as opening a can of lager on the Tube or rushing a stop-light. Blunt political fact is that the Mayor cannot afford to break laws, let alone be seen to break them. The fact that he then laughed it off, seemingly blaming the lights for remaining on red for too long, only gave the impression that it is all on the level of a schoolboy prank. Fine if you’re a schoolboy maybe, but not when you are Mayor of a major world city.

  8. BenSix says:

    Oddly, my little McCarthy in waiting, occasionally enjoying the Lenin’s Tomb weblog doesn’t make me a rabid Stalinist any more than sporadically enjoying Harry’s Place makes me a vitriolic neoconservative.
    Your condescending attempts to exhort me towards historical education are amusingly infantile. I very much doubt that you’ve studied the works of Conquest or Koestler, as you seem to spend far too much time roaming the interwebs.
    I’m sure, however, that Richard will be delighted to hear that he ‘seduces’ innocent little social democrats.
    Indeed, although Boris has quite a history of laughing off embarrassing incidences. It’s a favoured, and very successful, Johnsonian tactic.

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