The members of the London Assembly have called into question “the manner and nature” of the appointment of Boris’s advisers. The Business Management and Administration Committee, to whom the revealing finance report was originally delivered, have demanded answers to a series of questions including:

  • The cost and length of appointment of each of the 15 ‘consultants’.
  • The legality of the appointments of Boris’s permanent advisers.
  • The precise responsibilities of the mayor’s permanently appointed advisers.

Chair of BMAC Darren Johnson said:

“The Mayor’s manifesto promised to ‘end the culture of cronyism at City Hall’ by introducing more professional, transparent government. But one month into his administration, both clarity and transparency are sadly lacking when it comes to information about the appointment of people the Mayor is entrusting with significant responsibility for running London. We are determined to lift the fog of confusion surrounding the appointment of the Mayor’s closest advisers.”

Considering the confusion following Boris’s victory, one could be could be forgiven for thinking that somebody in the ‘transition team’ wasn’t pulling their weight.

A tip of the hat to the excellent Dave Hill.


More proof (if more were needed) of an ex-far left cabal.

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