A bit of fun for a Sunday morning. Come on, Boris-watchers, do your worst with this beauty, captured from this morning’s Andrew Marr Show:

Boris meets a Dalek on the Andrew Marr Show

(The first person whose entry consists only of the word "Exterminate!" gets devoured by Vashta Nerada.)

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20 Responses to Caption competition

  1. Fenby says:

    And here we see Boris introducing Tim Parker to the nation…

  2. Tom says:

    “You’re just the centrally-controlled vanguard of a race of power-hungry aliens who intend to take over and enslave us, aren’t you?”, says the Dalek.

  3. They’re genius, both of them :D

  4. Er, both of the captions, that is, not both of the people in the picture…

  5. Rhys says:

    Allow me to introduce my new law and order advisor

  6. TyburnTree says:

    Boris: “Londoners – not only is your city safe in my… er… hands, but moreover… cripes… there is no-one over my shoulder advising… or indeed telling me what to say”

    Dalek: “Well said, Johnson”

  7. BenSix says:

    The Conservatives Are Still Playing Personality Politics

  8. Fenby says:

    “I…um, that is….I have come up with a way to force through my proposed no-strike deal with the RMT. Meet…um…Margaret…”

  9. BenSix says:

    The New Face Of Compassionate Conservatism…

  10. Thank you all for brightening up my Sunday with these captions :)

  11. ian says:

    “I said take me to your leader. If you think I believe that this clown is your leader, you will be exterminated”

  12. Tom says:

    Boris Johnson Counters His Critics Over Tube Booze Ban Enforcement.

  13. BritSwedeGuy says:


  14. Tom says:

    Boris Announces Appointment of Deputy Mayor For Routemaster Accessibility Testing.

  15. Doug says:

    “Um…well, you see…ah. He’s here to make…um…sure that I don’t say anything I shouldn’t, or make one of those gaffe things the press loves. Think of him as Guto 2.0…”

  16. Blulu says:

    I wouldn’t say Boris is scary, but even the Dalek is hiding behind the sofa!

  17. Flip says:

    And 2nd place for the ‘Most Illuminated Head’ competition goes to…. drumrole please…

  18. Daniel says:

    Well Dalek Khan, when can i expect that cheque to pay off the congestion charge for two billion daleks?

  19. David Gibbons says:

    Tories spice up their election campaign by holding the mayorhostage- nobody interested

  20. David Gibbons says:

    Tories spice up their election campaign by holding the mayor hostage- nobody interested

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