One last point on this evening’s surprising story.

I was just pondering exactly when the BBC London footage of Boris not knowing anything about the whole axed anti-racism business was filmed.

The story first broke on Dave Hill’s blog at lunchtime on Sunday, snowballing through various other blogs and media enquiries and so forth, with the news release from the NAAR reaching Dave the following morning, and a response ostensibly offering opinions from the Mayor reaching him that afternoon (Monday).

The story then appeared on page 9 of Tuesday’s Guardian newspaper, and I’m sure other mainstream outlets (perhaps the Standard?) must have been onto it by then too.

So at this point I hope you’ll share my astonishment if I suggest that the footage shown on BBC London tonight, in which Boris barely seems to have heard of Rise, let alone been aware of any of this controversy, may have been filmed on Tuesday, after all of the above had taken place.

This is only a theory at the moment – can anyone (who knows anyone) at BBC London confirm or deny this?

My reasoning relates to there being two graphics indicating the dates on which footage was filmed in the BBC London report. The first appears over John Biggs AM questioning Boris at Mayor’s Question Time on Wednesday, and is correctly labelled as having taken place on that date. However, the second graphic says "Tuesday", but is shown over Boris responding to Biggs’ questioning, still part of the footage from Wednesday. When he puts in his appearance on the street answering questions about Rise, no graphic appears.

This suggests to me that someone switched on the "Tuesday" graphic a few shots too early, and should actually have fired it up over the Rise-related footage.

As I say, it’s entirely theoretical at the moment, so I’d very much like to hear from anyone who can confirm or deny that the clip is from Tuesday. And if it is, well, I think I’ll be lost for words.

I was pretty shocked when I saw the footage earlier, but if it turns out to have been filmed two days after the story broke and when it had already entered the mainstream national media… well, I’d like to hear anyone defending our supposed visionary genius of a Mayor then.

Update: I have now had it confirmed that this footage WAS from Tuesday. Astonishing.

3 Responses to Quite how breathtaking was Boris’s ignorance of the Rise situation?

  1. This is like Dibley parish council with Hugo in the chair…


    Or Mozz’z dope business with Judith in charge…


    I wish I was good at drawing cartoons of Boris with his tongue out, glueing together the massive airfix kit of London after letting the dog eat the plan. Gordon Brown must be lifting his hands in silent thanks.

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