Reaction to the Mayor’s stumbling has been slowly appearing in the press. The Telegraph and The Times report on Boris’s memorandum mystification, while Dave Hill has an excellent piece on Comment is Free that wonders “does he actually know what they’re doing?“.  Not only that, but he links to this site.

The wonderful Beau Bo D’Or has created this cartoon..

Boris Johnson – Mr Blonde Exits The Scene


A delicately snarky CiF comment from ‘vertical’ is worth repeating:

“Most new leaders have a honeymoon; BJ chose to have a hangover.”

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  1. BenSix says:

    A comment on CiF:

    “The Boris watch blog’ – Just about says it all about how sad these Ken patriots are”

    I wasn’t a big supporter of Ken, as it happens, but God, what a great tagline this would be.

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