He’s certainly actioning this more quickly than many of the things he’s applied that label to, anyway:

Brian Coleman: When will the Mayor of London arrange for a portrait of the Queen to be hung in City Hall?

Mayor Johnson: I have asked officers to make the necessary arrangements.

(The answer is only in the PDF at time of writing but will appear on the above-linked page some time soon.)

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5 Responses to A new ‘Number One Priority’ for Boris?

  1. Doug says:

    Doesn’t a portrait of an unelected figurehead qualify as one of those unecessary costs BoJo prides himself on cutting?

  2. At approximately 12.30 yesterday (Tuesday 24th June) and continuing for some long time, Northern Line: young man overtly swigging can of Stella (whole pallet in hold-all under his feet). Evidence at: http://redfellow.wordpress.com/2008/06/25/a-toast-to-boris/

    In full view of CCTV.

    Action taken: none.

    So much for last week’s “priority”.

  3. BenSix says:

    A good spot, Malcom.
    We should have every sympathy with the Underground staff – and, in fact, Bob Crowe did warn that it would be difficult to enforce.
    If they’re lumbered with this law then they’re surely entitled to extra resources/training.

  4. BenSix says:


  5. […] pneumatic drill / burglar alarm – but worse“. Curiously, this has sent Brian Coleman – noted royalist, taxi connoisseur and chairman of London’s fire authority – into a rage… “She has […]

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