The London Development Agency is looking for a new Chief Executive. They dangle a ‘significant six figure salary‘ in front of prospective applicants and demand ‘truly exceptional leadership credentials gained in a complex, dynamic environment‘.

The Times, however, claims that the Agency will in fact seek ‘an entire new board when the members’ four-year term expires at the end of this month’, including a chairman who must be from the world of business‘. Such a reshuffle would, of course, signal the final purge of all things Livingstone.

Is anyone jobseeking?

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  1. The significant six-figure sum appears to be £270,000 (including 20% bonus), plus countless benefits in kind.

    There’s loads more interesting info about the job on that web site,, including the recruitment timetable. Interviews are in early August so I guess we’ll know who’s been picked in about mid-August if all goes to plan.

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