He’s certainly keeping a close eye on Boris’s actions. Here’s today’s cartoon from the back of G2 (excuse it being a low-quality photo: the Guardian haven’t updated Steve Bell’s page since 4 June, and my scanner’s not working):

Steve Bell's 'If...' cartoon showing Boris founding Mayors for War at City Hall and celebrating with a 'Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran' flypast 

Boris’s withdrawal of London from Mayors for Peace wasn’t very widely reported as far as I’m aware, so he’s certainly watching him more closely than many. If… is generally thematic for four days running so hopefully there are three more Boris strips where this one came from. I’ll keep you posted.

I realise this cartoon is © Steve Bell and not freely online like his strips used to be, so I’ll add a disclaimer that we’ll remove it if Steve Bell asks. Hopefully as fellow anti-Boris types he’ll let us off, but I’ll reproduce the small print from the strip below in an effort to give him some extra income by way of recompense:

To buy Steve Bell’s new book, My Vision for a New You, for £10.99, call 0870 836 0749 or visit www.guardianbooks.co.uk. To order Steve Bell cartoons, go to guardian.co.uk/cartoonshop.

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4 Responses to Does Steve Bell read Boris Watch?

  1. jim jay says:

    If he doesn’t he should – you’re bloody invaluable!

  2. Tom, thanks! I had no idea they’d moved it and made it into a proper site and stuff. I shall pull today’s out of there and post it.

  3. […] to Tom in the comments, I learn that Steve Bell’s If… cartoon strip hasn’t been taken off the Guardian site – far […]

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