Honestly readers, you’re too good to us. More specifically, Wireman, who previously provided the “Are you sure?” footage for us to put on YouTube, has come good again. This time he’s sent me the Boris/Ray Lewis clippings from most of today’s newspapers!

If you’d like to see them, click to read more, below.

Daily Mail, front page:

Daily Mail, front page

Daily Telegraph, front page clipping:

Daily Telegraph front page

Daily Telegraph, page 6 (click for full size):

Daily Telegraph, page 6

Daily Express, page 6 (click for full size):

Daily Express, page 6

The Guardian, page 3:

(Sorry, no legibly full-size one, but the story is on their web site).

The Guardian, page 3

The Independent, front page:

The Independent, front page

The Independent, page 2:

(Again, no legibly full-size one, but the two stories are on their web site too.)

The Independent, page 2

The Independent, page 47:

The Independent, page 47

Daily Mirror, page 6 (click for full size):

Daily Mirror, page 6

Daily Mirror, page 8:

Daily Mirror, page 8

The Sun, page 2:

The Sun, page 2

The Times, page 9 (click for full size):

The Times, page 9

Thanks for that lot, Wireman!

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8 Responses to Today’s newspapers

  1. [...] Update: You can now see the Mail’s front page and other newspaper clippings here. [...]

  2. Tory Troll says:

    Oh what! if i had known I could have saved myself the bother of buying/ scanning so many papers this morning.

    Oh well, good work Wireman.

  3. BenSix says:

    Iain Dale has chipped in:
    “There’s nothing the left hate more than a black person who does well in the Tory party.”
    I’m not going to draw up a list, but I think that ‘prejudiced partisan drivel’ would be considerably higher.
    Good work, Wireman.

  4. Tom says:

    Iain Dale can chip off. That’s ‘chip’ with a capital ‘F’.

  5. Sorry Tory Troll – if it’s any comfort, your post with the newspaper image at the top (and the wonderful return of the blunder-bus! Hooray!) predated my unsolicited (but very welcome) e-mail from Wireman by a good three hours, and I slept rather late today so didn’t even see it ’til some time later either. Ah well, at least the duplicate effort was for a good common cause :)

  6. [...] Pravdaesque propagandists at the Express, the Telegraph and The Mail should take note. “The Westminster village is giving Lewis, and Boris, a kicking. But if the [...]

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