Having discovered that even the Express gets things right sometimes, I’m going to base this post on the assumption that the following two statments from the Daily Mail web site are accurate.

The Reverend Chris Newlands, chaplain to the Bishop of Chelmsford, said: "The Bishop of Barking did speak face to face with the Mayor at an event at Millwall football stadium on Whit Sunday. They spoke about Lewis then."

That’s pretty clear, and consistent with what a number of Church of England figures have been telling the press for several days. But wait! What’s this sentence, right at the end of the same article?

A spokesman for the mayor insisted that the Bishop of Barking did not talk to Mr Johnson about Mr Lewis eight weeks ago.

Oh dear. Either the established Church of our fair nation is lying, or a spokesman for the Conservative party’s most powerful elected politician is lying. The Daily Mail doesn’t suggest which is more likely – I assume its editorial head is still spinning, trying to work out which of those it supports more.

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3 Responses to Boris bashes the Bishops

  1. Tory Troll says:

    Isn’t it obvious? This is just the first step in the established Church’s attempts to squash the planet’s new saviour and idol Boris Johnson. These evil men will do anything, and I mean anything to stop him. Watch your back Boris. There are some bad people out there.

  2. BenSix says:

    Nothing could surprise me when that neo-stalinist cabal is involved.

  3. BritSwedeGuy says:

    The Church Of England?
    Aren’t they all Lefty Feminists Gay-Lovers TM now?
    Which would explain Bliar becoming a Roman Catholic.

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