Remember the Forensic Audit Panel? They’re Boris’ crack squad of independent figures appointed to root through the previous regime’s finances – two of whom lead Tory Councils. And, it emerges, a third is simply a party member:

Patience Wheatcroft

1(a)(ii)(cc) – I am a member of or hold a position of general control or management of the following body/bodies whose principle purposes include the influence of public opinion or policy:

  • Member of the Conservative Party

Very neutral, she is. BoJo really ought to drop the pretence of independence. Most Londoners will accept a Mayor appointing figures who sympathise with him; subsequently claiming that they don’t smacks of hypocrisy.

(Tip of the Hat to Dave Hill)

Update (from Ben): And, in the spirit of goodwill, I’m sure that her political sympathies had no influence upon her decision – while editor of the Sunday Telegraph – to spike a Christopher Booker column that was critical of David Cameron.

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One Response to Is a party member more neutral than a Councillor?

  1. BenSix says:

    As I wouldn’t want this to be seen as some form of a pre-emptive strike, however, we will of course judge the results of the study independently of its authors.

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