the first priority is to end the crazed obsession with paedophiles that means anyone who wants to help with grassroots sports coaching must go through an enormous Criminal Records Bureau procedure

Boris Johnson, Daily Telegraph, 1 July 2008

Crucially, officials also declined to take the opportunity to request an “enhanced” [Criminal Records Bureau] check [on Ray Lewis]. That would have revealed details of his arrest over an allegation of deception. It would have potentially given the Mayor information about other concerns relating to Mr Lewis’s previous conduct.

Evening Standard, 4 July 2008

(Mysteriously that article is now missing from the ES web site – its link takes you to the follow-up article from the following Monday, but The Bleeding Heart Show, linked above, quoted it before it vanished. The paragraph still appears in Google search results but the page is not in its cache. This Daily Mail syndication of the article is though.)

Well spotted, The Burbler (who alerted me here).

Update: The well-connected Wireman delivers the goods again – here’s the original article from the Standard, as quoted above.

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4 Responses to Just fancy that! Criminal Records Bureau-cracy edition

  1. Helen says:

    The Policy Exchange drones at City Hall were surely only following the spirit of the Manifesto Club report, “The Case Against Vetting”:

  2. AJT says:

    Bah, Helen beat me to it. They must be gutted that they can’t usher Anthony Browne into the Environmental Adviser position.

  3. pastyface says:

    anthony browne worshiping Cameron in the Daily Mail today – full page piece on their main comment/feature slot

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