Dave Hill has selected a few key, or just amusing, questions that have been put to Boris by the London Assembly. I’ve extracted a few that are of particular interest:

Joanne McCartney: The current, very successful, London Domestic Violence Strategy ends in September. Do you intend to commission and produce another updated strategy, and if so, what resources will you be allocating to this important area of work?

Mike Tuffrey: “Could you please describe the vetting procedures that were undertaken when recruiting your advisors under section 67 (1) of the GLA Act?”

John Biggs: “Will you provide an update on your recruitment and retention of Mayoral advisers?”

Len Duvall: “In a statement on 30 May you said you had asked TfL to consider alternative ways of funding the half-price bus travel scheme for Londoners on income support. What progress have you made so far?”

Navin Shah: “Does the Mayor support the Living Wage for London Underground contract cleaners?”

Jennette Arnold: “The dropping of the tag line has not only disappointed many people, but damaged relationships with the Trade unions, which led UNISON and Unite the Union to withdraw their funding towards the festival. How has this brought people together in any cultural sense or added to a deeper feeling of community in London?”

John Biggs: “When do you plan to start holding regular and unrestricted weekly press conferences?”

Jenny Jones: “Will you publish the Transport for London assessment of the likely impacts on congestion, bus journey times, emissions, charging income, and on cyclists and pedestrians, of scrapping the western extension of the congestion charge?”

Jenny Jones: “Are you opposed to airport expansion in whole of the south-east or merely expansion at Heathrow? Whose advice are you taking on this issue?”

John Biggs: “Will half fares for those on income support end when the Venezuelan subsidy arrangement finally ends or are you looking for alternative funding for this excellent initiative?”

Darren Johnson: “Will you ask Sir Simon Milton to voluntarily commit himself to be bound by the content and procedures of the Greater London Authority’s Code of Ethics and Standards for Staff?”

Len Duvall: “Will the Mayor promise that next year the State of London debate will be restored to a whole day format?”

Elsewhere, we catch a strange glimpse into the Ministry of Information…

Murad Qureshi: “I understand that you have banned the word sustainability at City Hall, though I don’t recall seeing the internal memo on this as yet & am wondering how it will be conveyed to staff? If this is true, would you please explain the ban and the extent to which it will be used? Are there any other words you propose to ban?”

…John ‘Bitchy’ Biggs stirs the pot…

John Biggs: “Have you now overcome your existential crisis and acquainted yourself with the Olympic memorandum?”

John Biggs: “What is your definition of cronyism?”

…Richard Barnbrook looks up ‘culture’ in the dictionary and Boris is quizzed on subjects including buses, playing fields, the Olympics, airports and policies regarding the Turkish community.

They’re all here

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