Anthony Browne is to become Boris’s new ‘Policy Director’, and the Mayor has excitedly announced his arrival:

“I am delighted that Anthony is joining my team at City Hall. As a policy expert in the fields of environment, health and politics for the influential Policy Exchange and a former journalist on the Times and Observer, I am sure Anthony will be a valuable asset in helping to shape London’s future over the next four years”.

It really is very influential.

Browne also sat on the board at Localis, a local government think tank. Recently, Localis joined Policy Exchange – with which it maintainsclose links‘ – in writing the Million Vote Mandate: a report that increasingly resembles a blueprint for the Johnson mayoralty.

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6 Responses to Ooh Err, Break Out The Tinfoil Hats

  1. Helen says:

    The Gilligan section of “The Million Vote Mandate” is a bile-fest. “Ken genuinely was rather a nasty
    person” -meow. “But some ethnic communities, such as
    Indians, are probably perfectly capable of funding their own start-ups; while white working-class men, a community unarguably in need of economic empowerment, are all but excluded from LDA largesse. (A few get through: the fact that some grant recipients are both black and female leaves a small amount of funding for white men.)” Yeah, that’s right, all Indians are rolling in it and women, especially black ones, should be down a mine, not taking money away from the white man.

    “One of Boris’s most important qualities is his populism. He
    needs to represent the public in the suffocating GLA bureaucracy…” Yeah, sock it to ‘em Boris, in Latin.

    “The London “embassies“, the foreign visit programme, the
    Trafalgar Square festivals, the fourth plinth and a host of other
    frivolities are of no value to Londoners and should be dropped,
    whatever the squeals that causes in the interest groups. (There’s definitely a place for frivolities, but can’t we think of some more interesting ones?)” Like a special festival for white men? Give Barnbrook a ring.

  2. Tom says:

    Good God…

    [sound of vomiting]

  3. BenSix says:

    Fictional reports suggest that Richard Littlejohn considered suing him for plagiarism.
    (Look at his new column. He attempts a parody and the first comment reads “Andrew, you are much funnier when you are trying to be serious”.)

  4. Helen says:

    “Un-PC groups should be formed and promoted to oppose PC flag-wavers like left-wing charities” – Browne’ll be joining the Trafalgar Club, then?

  5. BenSix says:

    Well, I don’t want to comment without reading his book, but we shall soon see which policies caught ‘Boris’s’ eye.

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