It would seem so, anyway.

Nicky Gavron:

Last year, the GLA’s annual Capitalwoman conference brought over 3000 London women of all ages and backgrounds together to discuss the issues affecting them and give their ideas for future policy. Will you continue to hold and fund this conference?

Answer From The Mayor:

“As woman make up 52% of London’s population, ongoing engagement with women and listening to their views will be vital.”

Impressively oblique.

7 Responses to So, Farewell Then, Capital Woman

  1. Helen says:

    He gave exactly the same non-answer to Jenny Jones. “Ongoing engagement” obviously involves making all high-ranking female staff redundant and replacing them with men – the women can be engaged with needlework, playing with fluffy kittens and other activities that won’t be too taxing for their tiny brains.

  2. Leon says:

    So it’s no longer ‘it’s under review’ as a line for saying yeah we’re dumping that…great way to treat the capital’s females Boris.

  3. Helen says:

    We also have Boris’s reply to Barnbrook: “In light of the recent departure of Deputy Mayor Ray Lewis, will the Mayor now start to appoint advisors based on merit and real experience rather than what I personally consider and understand him to be doing, appointing anyone just to make up his racial quotas?

    Answer from the Mayor:

    All my appointments are based on merit, and reflect my desire to have a team that reflects- as far as possible- the people they serve”


  4. Lis Ssenjovu says:

    After not getting a response on the status of Capitalwoman (despite multiple emails and messages) I wrote to my MP Diane Abbott. She responded as follows:

    ‘Unfortunately the new Mayor, Boris Johnson, has cancelled this event, which would explain why you have not been updated on it recently.’

  5. […] few months ago I noted that Boris had, rather obliquely, admitted that he was going to stop holding and funding the […]

  6. BenSix says:

    Thank you, Liss. We’ve posted on it here.

  7. pauline maniscalco says:

    please let me know the date of this year’s international women’s day celebration /event. Thank you.

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