Boris has claimed that the transition team has eventually cost £213,000, which, he is keen to add, is significantly less than the previous prediction. However, he also admits that seven seemingly unacknowledged ‘transition consultants’ have cost £352,000. The eventual figure – which has only now been revealed – is greater than the combined annual wages of Boris’s deputies (with the cost of that Morning Star subscription thrown in, I think).

A hat tip is directed towards the Tory Troll

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2 Responses to The Transition Team As A Sinister Cabal

  1. ian says:

    Boris in the torygraph today

    “Whatever the wonders of the British coast there will not be many UK beaches this summer where you can drink a bottle of wine in the sun…”

    A bit hypocritical, given his previous stance on drinking in public places, don’t you think?

  2. Tom says:

    Perhaps he forgot to add ‘…if the Sun newspaper and I have anything to do with it’?

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