At last, some news that should please truly *ahem* old skool Johnson acolytes.

Boris’s last two Telegraph columns have prompted hurt words and open invitations from Norway and Bognor.

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6 Responses to On The Offensive

  1. Helen says:

    His latest column really hammers home the point that he’s an insufferable arse.

    Why does he feel the need to keep being rude about places? I recall him saying that articulated buses are only suitable for use in some Scandinavian airport. Well, I’ve been to several Scandinavian airports and they’re a darned sight more civilised than Heathrow. It’s much more pleasant to walk the streets of Stockholm and Oslo due to the lack of private vehicles and they have cycle paths so pedestrians aren’t mown down on the pavements.

  2. Helen says:

    “A box of Bognor goodies was being sent from the town to Mr Johnson yesterday afternoon”

    Let’s hope it included a few turds from the sewage outflow.

  3. BenSix says:

    I think that he’s intended to be the aristocratic Jeremy Clarkson.

  4. BritSwedeGuy says:

    Having lived in both Oslo and Stockholm and can confirm this:
    Boris Johnson is, in fact, an insufferable arse.

  5. BenSix says:


  6. really i thort he was harsh on Tesco and the Moonies

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