It seems that Boris’s sense of humour has returned.

Rosie Boycott – who runs an organic farm in Somerset and “writes regularly about the importance of food in improving health” – has promised a “radical rethink” in order to challenge “aspects of our current food system which are damaging our environment through wasteful practices and producing poor quality food“.

Some of the ideas ‘bursting’ from her are a little odd:

“I want to advocate the use of allotments and growing our own food…We can lean on councils to release more land and kids on Asbos could be put to work on them.”

  • To receive an ASBO is to receive a civil order, not to have the entirety of your rights yanked from beneath you.
  • I’m not entirely sure where councils are going to find these mysterious expanses of wasteland. They find it difficult to hold on to playing fields as it is.

Still, she is “absolutely thrilled” so we shall wait until her plans come into fruitition (or are announced but, y’know, ‘fruitition’ interposed in a post vaguely concerned with growing food…yeah…I’ll get me cyanide).

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