Thanks to the Tory Troll, I realise what a useful tool Twitter can be for finding out world opinion on topical matters. Here are some search results indicating people’s reactions to Boris’s first appearance on the world stage in front of millions (billions?) of viewers at yesterday’s Olympics closing ceremony:

While I’ve never been one to button up my own jacket, it seems world opinion is against me and Boris on that one. There also appears to be a general consensus that Boris’s appearance wasn’t exactly a triumph and didn’t reflect very well on our great city. For instance:

  • ryanorr: China did an *amazing* job with the Olympics. London, if your Mayor is any indication, you’re fucked.
  • thatsjuststeve: Is it just me, or is the mayor of London pretty much a complete doofus?

And so on. Who’d’ve seen that coming? ;)

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2 Responses to Button up, Boris

  1. pastyface says:

    shouldn’t that be button it boris

  2. Lulz, poor old Boris. I wonder if he’ll smarten up for 2012, assuming he gets re-elected?

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