Seth reminds us of Boris’s promise that motorcyclists would be allowed to use Bus Lanes in London.

At the time a “delighted” Brian Coleman declared that the promise “highlight[ed] a key difference between Boris Johnson and the previous Mayor“, but few developments have been forthcoming.

It’s possible that Boris has been influenced by Jenny Jones’s petition, which gained 3,500 signatories in June, as all we’ve had since is a vague promise to Motorcycle News that “further consultation must happen” and an ambiguous TfL notice stating that it is a “key issue being considered“.

As this was an important issue for voters, Boris should make his current feelings plain. Otherwise, we shall have to assume that this was just another pre-election snipe at Ken.

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4 Responses to ‘Promises’, ‘Promises’…

  1. Jim says:

    I’d be surprised if this doesn’t go ahead. If Boris is sensible he’ll sweeten the pill for cyclists by promising to enforce green boxes at junctions or something like that. *IF* Boris is sensible.

  2. Tom says:

    There are actually some bus lanes (north side of Hyde Park, for instance) where motorcycles are allowed. What Boris probably can’t do is a blanket permit for motorbikes in every lane overnight, as TfL have probably had a word in his ear about the risk of legal action should it be proved in court that no risk assessment was undertaken.

    A mate who bought a motorbike a few years ago to get to college in Kensington from his house in Haringey said it was easy anyway because of the congestion charge, so I don’t exactly know what the point is, at least for central London.

  3. Richard says:

    People writing this blog seem to think that Boris should be able to fulfill all of his 4 year commitments in about 6 months!

    The fact is that most bus lanes are operated by the boroughs meaning that there is an extra layer of bureaucracy to deal with. Bus lanes for motorcycles will come but it may take a bit longer than people think.

  4. BenSix says:

    “People writing this blog seem to think that Boris should be able to fulfill all of his 4 year commitments in about 6 months!”
    That’s not quite true – I have little knowledge of this issue and so consultation may be very valuable – but I think, as I wrote in the post, that Boris should his current feelings plain. His statement to Motorcycle News was very ambiguous – especially considering his previous blast at Ken’s opposition to the idea – and Seth claims to have had no reply to two letters regarding the issue.

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