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“Sir Ian Blair is expected to announce his resignation as Metropolitan Police Commissioner this afternoon.

Sources told The Times that the pressures of recent months had forced Sir Ian, who became commissioner in February 2005, to consider his position.

He is understood to be standing down before Boris Johnson, the new Tory Mayor of London, takes control of the Metropolitan Police Authority next week.

“It is a combination of things – a new mayor in London who does not support him, the inquest into the death of Jean Charles de Menezes and the inquiry into how Scotland Yard contracts were awarded,” said a senior police source.

It was disclosed earlier today that an inquiry into Scotland Yard contracts awarded to a close friend of Sir Ian had uncovered one deal which had not involved a tendering process.”



The Standard was first.

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8 Responses to Breakin’ Noos: Ian Blair To Resign (Updated: He’s Resigned)

  1. Helen says:

    I thought that vid was going to be Peter Cook and Dudley Moore singing Goodbyee.

  2. BenSix says:

    Much better suggestion. Consider it altered.

  3. BenSix says:

    Ach, there goes this afternoon. I’ve got to go and watch Bedazzled after watching that.

  4. Sorry for the sort-of-duplicate post that follows this one. I hadn’t seen yours when I whipped out my blogging software in hasty response to his entire resignation speech amounting to “Boris hates me”. Wanted to get something down before the quotes faded from memory.

  5. BenSix says:

    No worries, Mr SB, the quotes were worth getting and I haven’t heard the speech.

  6. Tom says:

    The list of people who dislike Sir Ian does not stop and end at Boris Johnson. There’s me, Alex Harrowell, speaking of whom:

  7. BenSix says:

    Aye, a fine post.

  8. Helen says:


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