Boris’s swift transition from media figure that happened to dabble in politics to politician with a certain prominence in the media has meant that a lot of his more inconvenient views are being scrubbed from the passage of time.

Consider this hearty endorsement of the London Games Festival

“I’m delighted that the London Games Festival is back in our city for its third year. It demonstrates the creativity and range of the gaming industry, which, as an important part of London’s creative sector, makes a vital contribution to the economy as a whole. With events across the capital, the festival has something for everyone and illustrates the popularity of this thriving form of entertainment…”

*Now, rewind…*

It is time to garrotte the Game Boy and paralyse the PlayStation, and it is about time, as a society, that we admitted the catastrophic effect these blasted gizmos are having on the literacy and the prospects of young males.”

I know, I know, this is terribly easy, but such an innocent example highlights the absurdity of, for one, Browne’s bizarre u-turn on immigration and ethnic diversity. And anyway, the gaming community is remarkably unforgiving

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