Boris Johnson today faced calls to replace David Ross as his representative on the London Olympics organising committee after the multimillionaire businessman quit Carphone Warehouse following an admission that he had used a large slice of his personal holding in the company to guarantee personal loans.

Despite heavy coverage of the story, the Mayor has yet to issue a statement. This is rather embarrassing in itself, because, as Paul Waugh spotted, the tawdry Tory supporter has donated £140,000 to the Party in recent years.

So, does Boris simply fear another failed appointment, or could he be waiting for a call from on high?

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One Response to What Is It With People Called Ross?

  1. Tom says:

    Scared, I should think. This also shows an inherent problem with hiring people who pay *you*. Hiring people you *pay* leaves it fairly obvious who’s in charge. The other way round, not so obvious.

    [insert obvious comment about what Gilligan and the Tories would have said if Livingstone had put, say, a prominent donor to Socialist Action onto an Olympic quango]

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