Via Dave Hill, David Ross becomes the third senior Boris Johnson ex-appointment (I don’t count McGrath as senior, but Lewis and Parker were high-profile big hitters).

I’ve just found out that David Ross has gone. You heard it here first. The pressure obviously got too much. I’ll keep you updated…

Obviously, when Boris stands by an appointment, it’s on a strictly time-limited basis.  Next!

Update – the estimable Pippa Crerar is on the case, the Standard and Beeb still don’t have the news centre stage yet.  Blogs rule.

Update 2 – Darren Johnson of the Greens, at Pro London.

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2 Responses to Rossgate – From Standing By To Caving In In One Smooth Move

  1. [...] And as for Boris – well, if he can’t work out for himself that the chair of the MPA contacting a suspect who has been arrested in a Metropolitan Police inquiry isn’t decidedly dodgy, then he’s still got a lot of learning to do. Perhaps the lesson on due process can take place immediately after the lesson on recruitment? [...]

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