I was looking the original proposals that Boris seems to be examining and I’ve found it – Marinair it’s called.  Bit worrying their website is illustrated by a DC-10, which is a) obsolete and b) notorious for crashing.  The illustration of a train is a diesel Class 180 DMU, which was fairly notorious for unreliability, which is why there are only 14 of them.  Nice to ride in, though.

Anyway, it contains the usual grandiose scheme website boilerplate such as:

The Thames Estuary Airport Company Limited has received a firm commitment for financial backing to fund the construction of the entire project, including associated rail and road infrastructure.

Reckon?  After the last year’s upheavals?

The scheme is promoted by one ‘R J Crocker’, which coincidentally-or-not is the name of a civil engineering practice in the Boris Borough of Bromley.  What a coincidence.

Of course, there’s no direct evidence that Boris is examing precisely this plan, but it’s notable that the site plan [PDF] on the website shows the airport placed due east of the farthest point of Boris’s Incredible Voyage today.

In short, this looks rather like another of the common website + lines-on-a-map + monomaniac schemes littering the net, such as we saw with the MonoMetro thing.  For some reason they appeal to engineering-light Tories, possibly because they’re usually puffed by right-wingers, or because they put far too much credit on willpower rather than actually knowing what you’re doing.

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5 Responses to Boris Airport: Found The Proposals

  1. tommy says:

    east a bit………..a bit more east……….keep going Boris……..thats it, oooh youre gonna have to go north a touch, yeah thats it, east a bit more…. THAT’S IT! Congratulations Boris, you’ve got a fantastic plan for the Thames Estuary Airport……and Schipol are also VERY grateful for their seventh runway….

    Well Schipol will certain be happy to take all the extra flights South East england can’t take because either Boris has wasted time and tax payer’s money trying to block Heathrow’s expansion and planned silly airports, or the Tory Essex County Council has blocked/delayed the Stansted expansion.

    I’m just wondering if the Stansted NIMBYs will take on the Heathrow NIMBYs and battle each other to see who can whinge the most and protest under the very thin veil of climate change..

  2. OHOC says:

    How about we create a new international airport west of the M25, make Heathrow into a freight airport except for BA who couldn’t and wouldn’t move even if they wanted to? Stick a couple of High-Speed rail links at both Heathrow and new, unidentified mystery airport so you can use Heathrow as an air freight terminal for the United Kingdom, as opposed to relying on CDG, while also cutting down on car travel to new, unidentified mystery airport.

    I created that in 5 minutes and it is still better than the proposals for the Thames Estuary Airport. I give it to Boris free of charge.

  3. Helen says:

    On top of Windsor Castle would be good.

  4. Would that be the R J Crocker of Garrard House, BR2 9LZ, whose trade directory entry reads:
    employee size: 20
    sales: £250K – £499K
    products: Engineering Services?

    Another entry assures us that:
    “R J Crocker & Partners were founded in the United Kingdom in 1957 and is an international firm of Civil and Structural Consulting Engineers responsible for many major and prestigious projects throughout the world. It commenced operations in the UAE in early 1970 and has maintained a strong presence in the Emirates right up to the present time. The Partnership has undertaken a wide range of projects including Government and Municipal buildings, hospitals, airport facilities, industrial projects, a variety of commercial buildings, such as hotels, office blocks, apartment blocks, housing projects and shopping complexes.”
    The only “overseas” contact I have so far located is a Singapore address, with a dead web-page link.

    Totally reassuring.

  5. […] most pleasing, I suppose, is the confirmation that all the guesswork and dredger-following we did earlier in the year really did get the location nailed on.  […]

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