KentOnline have an article on Boris and Nick’s fact-finding trip with some locals giving the Mayor the benefit of their advice:

  • why doesent he buld this airport in his back garden , or doesent want the plane,s flying over his home, what a prat
  • What the point of pouring concrete into the sea and blighting our country side with more tunnels and bridges and by passes to the M20 and M2 from Sheppey.
  • i am fed up with this toffee nosed idiot. He doesnt reply to emails regarding his proposals. Why doesnt he butt out of issues that affect an area NOT UNDER his jurisdiction.I already have enough noise from City airport.
  • Boris stay in london , kent is ours not yours

However, it’s not all unwelcome advice:

please build the airport, it will bring thousands of jobs to the area and make the island boom.

Given the presence of the wreck of the SS Richard Montgomery, let’s hope that’s not too literal a prediction…

Oh, and here’s a view of Boris’s “virtually non existent” visual impact.  The airport would be a bit closer than the forts in the distance and a lot closer than the windfarm on the right, and much bigger than both.

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4 Responses to Boris-Birdstrike International: Kent Replies

  1. Your geography is somewhat challenged – that photo was taken off Whitstable beach.

    I suspect Boris is looking some 25 miles upstream.

  2. ron says:

    (quote) Given the presence of the wreck of the SS Richard Montgomery, let’s hope that’s not too literal a prediction…(quote)
    see website for more information about the wreck & the dangers it presents.

  3. Tom says:

    Eh? Here’s my working out – the Richard Montgomery is surrounded by four buoys, which the MCGA (which ought to know) reports here –

    One of them is at 51° 28’ 04” N 00° 47’ 12” E – try putting that into Google Maps and you’ll see the wreck is at the mouth of the Medway on – as the MCGA say – ‘a sandbank running east from the Isle of Grain approximately 250m north of the Medway Approach Channel.’

    That picture, I suspect, is taken from west of the wreck with a telephoto lens looking east, and the Red Sands forts and Kentish Flats windfarm are visible in the distance. Sheerness is off to the right. I suspect the windfarm is actually further away than the forts, but the turbines are much bigger.

    Boris would have sailed out past the wreck and continued about seven or eight miles ENE, which is therefore where he’s thinking of putting his airport.

    The Times (Kit’s organ of choice for publicising this) has a report today – ‘Speaking to The Sunday Times aboard a dredger’ apparently. I heard at the conference yesterday that the BBC were excluded from the trip, but evidently the Times is a much more acceptable (read: pliant) channel.

  4. booker says:

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