As it’s the weekend, and without wanting to overshadow any of the proper posts below, here’s a caption competition featuring a screen capture from this evening’s BBC London:

Boris at a drum kit, sticks aloft

There’s no prize. Times is ’ard.

Update: anglonoel prompted me to do this:

Sorry about that.

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6 Responses to Percussive caption competition

  1. presumably comments about banging his own drums are banned?

  2. anglonoel says:

    The gorilla in the Cadbury’s advert is replaced…

  3. edgar the dolphin: Although nothing’s banned here, I suppose I should mention that own-drum-banging was the ‘joke’ with which BBC London opened their report, so it depends whether you would wish to be associated with the level of humour featured on that programme… ;)

  4. anglonoel: Thanks for the excellent suggestion…

  5. well at least he’s got the right end of the stick this time

  6. Tom says:

    ‘So you’re telling me Ken Livingstone is actually hiding in these drums at this very moment?’

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