The knives have been rather abruptly unsheathed at City Hall…

CITY Hall staff today told of a “climate of fear” as up to 120 positions were cut as a result of Boris Johnson‘s restructuring plans.

This chimes with the nervous sentiments expressed by Anthony Browne in an article for Canada’s Globe and Mail

“We worry about how deep [the recession] will get,” Mr. Browne said. “We’re in a journey to the unknown.”

It’s difficult to see why this would come as a surprise, however, considering that the intention to slice was announced back in September.

The carvings are interesting, though. Back to the Standard…

One woman, who had been in the first meeting, said the environment team, London stakeholders team, which co-ordinated the response to the July bombings, and the equalities team had been told none of their jobs was safe.

She said the environment department would be “very slimmed down” and “the number of people monitoring climate change and air quality would be almost non-existent”.

Hmm, so much for…

We must not let the green agenda wither in the economic cold, not least since the environment represents a fantastic commercial opportunity.

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One Response to Insert Operation Hummingbird Reference Here…

  1. Tom says:

    So the teams who make London look better get the chop, while the team that makes Boris look better gets its own Directorate?

    It really is Hammersmith and Fulham writ large, isn’t it? He’ll be pushing out his own propaganda paper soon.

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