Remember this:

“When, next month, the full (forensic audit) report comes out, and the GLA’s new cost-cutting chief executive, Tim Parker, starts work, we will see that second essential revolutionary moment: the part when selected victims are led out to the firing squad. It will be politically correct London’s equivalent of the credit crunch and, with any luck, it will be goodbye to the groundbreaking cycling-for-the-blind initiatives, farewell to the gay Bengali workplace sustainability forums.”

Well, Tim Parker didn’t work out too well, but Boris and the Bengalis are doing just fine.  Just look at the line up for Boris’s just-like-Ken-would-have-done £100,000 St. George’s Day concert in Trafalgar Square:

Date: Saturday 25 April 12.30 – 6.00pm
Location: Trafalgar Square
Summary: Contemporary music – English roots
Artists include: Seth Lakeman, Eliza Carthy, Jim Moray, Bishi, Kathryn Tickell and special guests.

Bishi, for those of you who haven’t just looked her up on wikipedia don’t know, real name Bishnu Priya, is a London DJ and musician of Bengali origin.  Very modern, very showy, very inclusive, very not-what-we-were-expecting and all rather wonderful and definitely very 21st century England.  Certainly not what Gilligan was expecting, and I’m not sure the BNP were expecting either.  We do, however, have to thank Richard Barnbrook for inadvertently getting Boris to give the game away in Mayor’s Questions last July:

Question No: 1595 / 2008
Richard Barnbrook

Can the Mayor confirm how much funding he will be allocating to next years St Georges Day celebrations in London?
Answer from the Mayor:
A GLA budget allocation of £100,000, the same as 2008, and subject to approval, is currently projected for St George’s Day celebrations in 2009.

No word from the BNP on whether the line up is English enough for them, but outlandishly dressed females of Bengali extraction who name their albums after Angela Carter novels and cite Derek Jarman as an influence don’t play that large a part in BNP literature.  Hasn’t stopped them desperately trying to spin this as ‘Richard Barnbrook forces Boris to Celebrate St George’s Day’.  Yeah, right.  Look for the budget cut next year, he’s cutting everything else…

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