London mayor Boris Johnson walked out of a House of Commons inquiry after labelling criticism of him “pathetic”.

He doesn’t like detail and he doesn’t like scrutiny.  Why the hell did he want to be Mayor then?  Is this what people meant by Boris bringing a sense of fun to the job, I wonder?

The committee asked Mr Johnson what action he had taken before he was made aware of transport problems on 1 February.

The mayor replied: “I observed that it had started to snow.”

I bet that had them rolling in the aisles.  I refer you to the following batch of obviously politically biased media sources since I’ve been on the road all day.  Something tells me it might be worth digging up the video.

I’m sorry, I’ve no idea how that last one got in there.

[Having said all that, I still think HC TSC chairman Louise Ellman is an outrageous apologist for Israeli aggression.  Just had to get that out.]

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