London mayor Boris Johnson walked out of a House of Commons inquiry after labelling criticism of him “pathetic”.

He doesn’t like detail and he doesn’t like scrutiny.  Why the hell did he want to be Mayor then?  Is this what people meant by Boris bringing a sense of fun to the job, I wonder?

The committee asked Mr Johnson what action he had taken before he was made aware of transport problems on 1 February.

The mayor replied: “I observed that it had started to snow.”

I bet that had them rolling in the aisles.  I refer you to the following batch of obviously politically biased media sources since I’ve been on the road all day.  Something tells me it might be worth digging up the video.

I’m sorry, I’ve no idea how that last one got in there.

[Having said all that, I still think HC TSC chairman Louise Ellman is an outrageous apologist for Israeli aggression.  Just had to get that out.]

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8 Responses to Transport Committee – Diddums Walks Out

  1. Nigel says:

    It seems he had agreed to give them 40 minutes, so after exactly 40 minutes of waffle he just left! Charming as ever.

  2. we have a man with the mental age of a teenager running the city

  3. Andy says:

    Boris Johnson has failed to be mayor of London.

  4. Richard T says:

    Bozzer doesn’t do responsibility so it seemed to me that the petulance was in direct proportion to the guilt. I seem to recall that he managed his Telegraph column though.

  5. prj45 says:

    Well,frankly the night before was too late to do anythng anyway.

    It’s obvious that if he’d knocked heads together a WEEK before (when they were pretty sure the snow was coming) a lot of London’s roads might have been passable.

    Now, whether it is the responsibility of the Mayor to go round kicking councils up the arse is another question…

  6. Uponnothing says:

    In fairness to him he was being questioned quite aggressively about why London virtually shut down during the snow, as if someone he could have done anything to prevent this.

    There was nothing he could have done, bar wasting millions of pounds on snow plows etc which London could then use in 10 years time the next time it snows. No wonder he was pissed off – the whole enquiry is a total waste of time.

  7. prj45 says:

    “There was nothing he could have done”

    Can you explain why many roads were actually passable on Monday morning then?

    I say passable, I mean in sections, where they were gritted they were passable where they were not gritted they were sheets of solid ice. however, I beleive this had more to do with lack of coordination than lack of equipment.

  8. Ian says:

    His childish walk-out from this select committee last month to avoid asking simple question about snow, shows a man out of his depth, no stamina, not prepared to research his job, ungracious, egoitistical and paranoid (the committee was apparently a Labour plot to have a go at him). This was a forum for him to shine as the questions about why the buses were not running were pretty easy to deflect. Instead it showed the man for what he really was; unpleasant, shallow, arrogant, incompetent and a complete embarrassment to this city.
    Only once in a lifetime comes a politician who you disagree with politically, distrust their ability to run an administration as well as dislike and distrust on a personal level; Boris Johnson pushes all these buttons for me.

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