• Whenever we write an article pointing out how unpleasant Andrew ‘Sockpuppet’ Gilligan is, he smears us in the paper, usually accompanied by a mind-boggling degree of psychological projection
  • There’s no such thing as bad free publicity
  • Therefore Andrew ‘Sockpuppet’ Gilligan smells
  • [twiddles thumbs] [waits for next Gilligan article]

BTW if anyone wants to see how far they can push the Standard censors on that article, feel free.  I find they publish my comments minus anything that could even tangentially be read as an attack on the Evening Boris’s journalistic standards*.  Putting in ‘I bet you don’t publish this’ has worked occasionally.

* Which are lamentably poor, of course.  We need Pippa Crerar back ASAP.  You do know babies can look after themselves after a while, Pippa?

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