We’ve been wondering who’d replace the sadly departing Tim O’Toole.  It’s a chap called Richard Parry.  What do we know about him?  Not a lot.  He’s not on the TFC’s list (see comments) of runners and riders from 3.3.2009, that’s for sure.  All I can glean is that it’s an internal appointment, him having been director of Strategy & Service Development since 2004 and with LU since 1992.  Another safe pair of hands option, like Sir Paul Stephenson, then?

[h/t to The Railway Eye]

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3 Responses to Interim London Underground MD Announced

  1. Readers of BorisWatch need not panic.

    Richard Parry is a dark horse!

    S&SD looks after the passenger side of LU (customer environment, passenger security, traffic flows, communication, etc…).

    Richard will be an interim – the advert for the MD’s job was in the Sunday Times this weekend.

    The operators get Howard Collins, Upgrades retains Waboso and the passengers get Parry.

    Everybody happy.

    Think: “Parry the people mover”.

    You heard it here first!


  2. Tom says:

    I can’t help wondering if the cut-price version of the new SSL stock will be a fleet of Class 139s…

    [N.B. if you don’t get this count yourselves fortunate]

    Would I be sticking my neck out to suggest that moving the highly capable Waboso from Upgrades at this time might be a little risky? Keeping the punters happy is one thing but signalling is where the man’s work is, particularly if some clown really thinks that having two different systems west of Barons Court is a good idea.

  3. Mark Lee says:

    Couldn’t help but notice a full page colour ad for this position in this week’s Economist.

    No mention of package though…

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