The best advertised, best attended event Boris Johnson has set up since he’s been Mayor was the Last Orders on the Underground tube drinking party, and he set that one up by accident.

Perhaps a lesson there on how to advertise and how to pick events that people actually want to go to?

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3 Responses to Festival Marketing : A Thought Occurs

  1. Ian Visits says:

    While I will agree that the marketing for the Story of London was dire – and I will presume that Boris wasn’t personally coding the website.

    …I will point out that it was actually bloody nice to have a series of events set up that were not a generic music/park/festival concept.

    We have enough of them all year as it is, and it was wonderful to have something different to do.

  2. Helen says:

    @Ian Visits How many of the events you visited would have already happened without any attempting branding from the Mayor?

  3. Ian Visits says:


    About a third of the events seemed to be unique to the Story of London, and they were the ones I targeted.

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