I can’t think what City Hall’s pet totalitarian will make of the people who let the Great Leader down so badly on this one, leaving the loyal comrades of Barnet, Golders Green, Hampstead, Hillingdon, Redbridge and Tower Hamlets without their centrally-approved culture quota, as announced in the Mayor’s May 2009 report.  They’ll be ground up and fed to Guto Harri, I expect, to stop him chewing the carpet or BBC journalists or whatever:

Important Notice

Due to unforseen circumstances Music Matrix, the producers of the advertised Bandstand concerts are unable to continue with the project and it is with great regret that the events have had to be cancelled at short notice. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

I’m not sure when it was cancelled – some time between 29/6 and 10/7 is the best guess, but I’m sorely tempted to throw out some FoI requests to find out exactly what happened.  One tantalising reference is here :

Any MU members involved in the project are invited to contact the Union on 0207 840 5535 for further information.

Any Musician’s Union members out there?  Grade 3 piano probably doesn’t qualify me, unfortunately.  Our original coverage is in this thread, where I pointed out that the directions to our local one were rather misleading.  The central criticism remains – why attempt to do top-down central planning of the kind of small-scale events indistinguishable from other local events that happen every week of the year, and why, having decided on this, do it so badly, without adequate marketing?  For this we lost the opportunity to come together and tell the BNP to fuck off while listening to some great artists?  The sooner Munira sods off back to her position at the University of Kent (making a living out of the multiculturalism industry, for shame) the better for all of us.

Any other reports of the cancellation gratefully received. I liked this one.

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