One of the TfL savings trumpeted by the PR team when the fares went up the other week were massive savings from switching from Crapita, the existing Congestion Charge contractor, to IBM.  This would, we were told, save a fortune.  How’s it going?


The Register choosing there to illustrate the story with the Man at the Top, as is quite right – this is an executive Mayoralty, so even delegated decisions have to be answerable at the top democratic level.  That’s the point.  Anyway:

A TfL spokeswoman said: “We apologise to customers for any problems they are experiencing since the transfer of systems to our new contractor this weekend. There have been some issues with accessing the online Congestion Charging payment accounts this morning, which the contractor is working to resolve as soon as possible.

“Customers should be assured that we are making arrangements so that no one will be penalised as a result of any problems today.”


2 Responses to Congestion Charge Moves To IBM, Crashes

  1. BenSix says:

    O/T, but you won’t begrudge me for posting it…$1264893.htm

  2. Where_art_thou_ken says:

    Of course it crashed! – what did you think a cheaper system was going to work better?

    This isn’t Linux you know – it’s real business and paying less means getting less.

    Obviously the TFL team “don’t really understand da computa world”

    Just remember – Less = Mess

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