Watching the webcast of the TfL Board meeting.  We have a definite timetable for the New Bus project:

  • 13/1/2010 – contract signed with Wrightbus
  • 4/2010 – mockup (Boris is confused by this concept, but it’s presumably to test equipment placement in 3D)
  • 12/2010 – engineering prototype (presumably moving?)
  • 5/2011 – testing
  • 12/2011 – delivery of first proper bus
  • Spring 2012 – in service on ‘central routes’, apparently.

All very good, except that a sparrow reminds me of the Informed Sources Laws, in particular:

Third Law: ‘Always mistrust schedules based on the seasons’

I’d expect that one to slip, therefore.  Boris expressed surprise at the Spring 2012 announcement, presumably being well aware that there’s a cut-off point during election campaigns that stops you scheduling PR-friendly deliveries during the campaign.  At present the service entry of the New Bus is not going to be something Boris can shout about, which is clearly a worry for him.


3 Responses to New Bus For London – Dates Announced

  1. bus pictures says:

    News couldn’t be better then that. London is awaiting these buses.

  2. Tom says:

    “London is awaiting these buses.”

    Er, London’s awaiting another massive price hike. Recent TfL survey put the desire for a new bus well down the list of bus user concerns, but there you go.

  3. baby games says:

    You are right Tom. But I really liked these new London buses..

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