Reading Boris’s weekly chickenfeed-fuelled rants for the Telegraph Conservative-Party-In-Exile faithful, I was struck by this paragraph, in a piece about people in the public eye taking limos instead of Tubes etc.

I am talking about the entire clerisy of officials, quangocrats and public functionaries of all kinds – tens of thousands of them in London alone – who still believe they are entitled to be picked up in the morning, and then taken home in the evening, and ferried to lunch or shopping in between, and all of them – from NHS hierarchs to the ruling elite of the National Trust, more or less subsidised by the poor bleeding taxpayer.

Well, this poor bleeding taxpayer would love to use the Tube more, but some berk keeps putting the fares up well above inflation, a policy that looks to continue next year.  Perhaps Boris would like to send a limo round to say sorry?

Anyway, that’s not my point – what on earth have the National Trust done to deserve Boris’s ire?  Solid, middle class, conservative – he ought to like that?  Well, the current Chairman (since late 2008) is one Simon Jenkins, a one time Boris supporter who’s been increasingly snarky about Boris on the subject of tall buildings, Crossrail, Olympics, roadworks, South London etc. and even (since Boris’s piece) called for ‘micro-mayors’ to take power down to street level.  Surely the Mayor wouldn’t use his well-paid position on a national paper to get a bit of a dig back?  After all, if we find Jenkins tiresome in the paper, how annoying must he be buttonholing the Mayor at every event with his latest bright idea?


2 Responses to Boris’s National Distrust

  1. Where_art_thou_ken says:

    Yeah – the Blonde bombshell needs to check in with his own party before spouting such crap. Since the coalition was formed they have created the OBR (office for budget responsibility), the FPC (Fincancial policy comittee) and a new ‘white collar crime’ division of the Bank of England.

    I make that 3 QUANGO’s in 3 weeks and everyone is full of “officials, quangocrats and public functionaries of all kinds ”

    So much for ‘small government’ – seems that small only refers to Tory penis size and not the ever increasing supplement for the nouveau riche friends of the toffs.

  2. “tens of thousands of them in London alone” – really Boris, where did you get your figures from? Somehow I have never noticed the streets of London jammed by thousands of limos ferrying this horde of overpaid civil servants around but then why bother with facts when you can pull numbers out of thin air and publish those……..

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