From the report on roadworks mentioned in the previous post, we get some facts on what actually causes congestion on the roads:

3.1 London has around 20 per cent of the UK’s traffic congestion. This is estimated to cost the Capital’s economy at least £2 billion a year. In 2009/2010, TfL recorded the main causes of congestion as:

  • Collisions 28 per cent
  • Vehicle breakdowns 9 per cent
  • Highway Authority Works 19 per cent
  • Utility Works 19 per cent
  • Special Events 4 per cent

Other issues (e.g. spillages, general volume of traffic etc) 21 per cent

3.2 Roadworks therefore account for 38 per cent of the duration of the most seriousand severe disruption across London. A conservative estimate of the total cost of disruption from this work is £752 million.

Or in other words it’s not the bendy buses holding up the traffic, it’s car drivers bashing into each other. Another myth up in smoke.

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