Last week, Boris Johnson visited the London Borough of Hounslow – ostensibly to promote the forthcoming Olympics at a local school and also open an art installation.

The Mayor and 2012 Olympics Chair Lord Coe first went to Chiswick Community School to publicise the Get Set scheme which saw the school allocated 158 free tickets for Olympics events. Johnson and Coe were accompanied by Brentford & Isleworth MP Mary Macleod and Assembly Member Tony Arbour – a rare trip to Hounslow for Arbour, I’ve only ever spotted him once before, campaigning against AV:

The Mayor’s next appointment was to open an art installation at Watermans in Brentford but Mary Macleod tweeted:

Lovely walk from Chiswick Community School to Strand on the Green with Boris – beautiful evening. Now in The Bell & Crown @MayorOfLondon

Boris Johnson and a female Tory MP making a detour to the pub whilst he was on duty? One can only imagine what the media would have made of it had former Mayor Ken Livingstone decided to visit a public house with a female MP instead of proceeding to his next official appointment.

Maybe Boris and the fragrant Mary were just thirsty? No, Chiswick Tory activist Gabriella Giles then proceeded to inform us:

Listening to @MayorOfLondon at a fundraiser on Strand on the Green with @MaryMacleodMP@BackBoris2012

Always time for a bit of electioneering, eh? [Gabriella Giles on one side of Boris, Einy Shah the other]

Boris and Mary eventually reached Watermans in Brentford where the Mayor’s Outer London Fund had paid for a temporary art installation.  That’ll be the Outer London Fund which is being paid for partly by borrowing and is being used liberally to curry favour with the outer London boroughs in the months before purdah is imposed, several weeks before the London Mayoral election.


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