Boris Johnson has spawned numerous children – four with his wife Marina, at least one other rumoured child  with someone else’s partner and sometimes he even screws the boyfriend, too.

Johnson’s eldest daughter, Lara Johnson-Wheeler, (b 1993) attended Bedales, a public school in Hampshire (also attended by at least one other of her siblings) whose current termly fees are £7,850 for day pupils and  £9,985 for boarders.

Lara declared in an article for the Spectator (not many unknown teens write for the Spectator, but who’s the Daddy?) in September 2010 that she would be eschewing a gap year and going straight to university. Fair enough, except the Bedales A-level results for 2011 told another story:

Lara Johnson-Wheeler from London achieved an A* in English Literature, an A in Latin and a B in History; to take a gap year

Oxford requires grades of between AAA and A*A*A*. Still, nothing a word from Daddy probably couldn’t put right. Lara apparently has her eye on St Andrews, whose entrance requirements are slightly less stringent.

Whilst still at Bedales, Lara penned an article entitled Anguilla for the school’s geographical journal [PDF]:

In the August of 2009, I was treated to a luxury holiday in the Caribbean island of Anguilla.  On this holiday, I was lucky enough to experience a dizzyingly extravagant lifestyle in world-class resorts that offered an insight into the levels of tourism on the island. We ate fresh fruit and Bircher muesli for breakfast and enjoyed waterskiing and a professional photo shoot on the beach intended for newly-weds. Such holidays are only available to a nichemarket of customers, however we were fortunate enough to experience this complimentarily and were able to experience both the local lifestyle and the tourist market.

A free luxury holiday on a Caribbean tax haven island?  Who could possibly have provided such a generous gift to the Mayor of London’s family? I’m none the wiser, as Johnson has mysteriously omitted this beneficent endowment from the GLA register of gifts and hospitality.



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