Another quick one – Boris promised, in something of a heated Stonewall hustings, an ‘LGBT Manifesto’.  He’s not produced one.  See Pink News for details.

While Mr Johnson did not answer PinkNews readers’ questions, eagle eyed viewers may have noticed paid advertisements for his campaign booked by the Conservative Party appearing on, directing readers to his own campaign website.

Oh dear.


4 Responses to Great Boris Lies #9 – The LGBT Manifesto

  1. solar penguin says:

    No post-mortem on what went wrong with the elections?

  2. Appealing of Ealing says:

    “No post-mortem on what went wrong with the elections?”


    All hail Boris!

  3. Marissa says:

    I suspect that we will be waiting and waiting…… for this one.

  4. Capitalised says:

    “No post-mortem on what went wrong with the elections?”

    no post mortem needed – clearly Londoners are much stupider than their over-inflated house prices suggest!

    This is a good thing for the opposition – I can’t wait to see Boris try to explain away the timebombs he left thinking he would be ousted.

    We can start with the Olympics – get ready for some MASSIVE bills.

    Appealing of Ealing – it is we who are R.O.F.L.M.F.A.O as we can now get on with 4 years of disruption and not feel any political angst about it.

    Hope you’re ready for the riots! – try not to be as snivellingly despicable about them this time – eh?

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