Boris, bless him, has sent an oak tree to Norway, on behalf of London, as a memorial to the victims of the right-wing bombing and shootings last July.  Nothing wrong with that, obviously.  Norway send us a tree every year, after all, and it’s a fine, noble gift.  Unfortunately, there was a cock-up on the accompanying plaque, as this Norwegian story attests:

The memorial is a gift to the people of Oslo from the Mayor of London, and will be unveiled Tuesday at the Akershus Fortress.

Just hours before the ceremony would start NRK reporter discovered on the site that the year that was written on the plaque on the memorial stone was wrong.

Obviously this isn’t a laughing matter, but really, surely there’s someone with a clue up there at City Hall?  This is serious, high profile city-to-city relations, not the place for amateurish that’ll-do behaviour.

[That’s quite apart from the Mayor’s previous form* as a minor facilitator for the kind of right wing conspiracy theories about Islamist takeovers of Europe that fuelled Breivik’s hatred in the first place, but best not to mention that, eh?]

* ‘Judged purely on its scripture…it is the most viciously sectarian of all religions’ – ‘The proposed ban on incitement to “religious hatred” makes no sense unless it involves a ban on the Koran itself’ – however this is the usual Boris cake and eat it routine where he states a reactionary position in order to disagree with it later, thus allowing both sides to agree with him and ignore the fact that he’s not actually telling us anything about his real views.

He still employed out and out racist Taki, of course, and Mel Phillips, the latter when she was writing rubbish Breivik used to support his murderous fantasies.

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