The Mayor of London is still refusing to sign up to the UK Statistics Authority’s Code of Practice on Official Statistics . Despite his then-Deputy Mayor for Dangerous Dogs Policing condemning the use of context-free statistics a mere three months ago, every London borough’s MPS now has its own Twitter account to issue propaganda helpful information, including, as we see in the case of Barnet, crime statistics which directly contradict the latest statistics on the MPS website.

@MPSBarnet tweeted this morning:

Latest crime figures for #MPSBarnet are Robbery down 16% Burglary down 21% Car Crime down 10% & Assault down 24%. Total crime down 9%

Yet the MPS website gives the following statistics for Barnet:

12 months to April 12 (year) 12 months to April 11 (year)
Number of Offences Barnet Met Total Barnet Met Total
Total Crimes 26,153 810,548 25,912 821,250
Homicide 3 99 8 124
Violence Against the Person (Total) 4,130 152,758 4,459 164,868
Rape 81 3,325 98 3,252
Other Sexual 217 6,741 209 6,891
Robbery (Total) 1,175 38,610 1,034 36,248
Robbery (Person) 1,090 35,872 963 33,282
Robbery (Business) 85 2,738 71 2,966
Burglary (Total) 4,816 96,213 4,681 93,862
Burglary Residential 3,395 63,655 3,434 61,434
Burglary Non-Residential 1,421 32,558 1,247 32,428
Gun Crime 49 2,320 63 2,676
Motor Vehicle Crime 4,557 98,891 3,837 100,144
Domestic Crime 1,137 46,821 1,207 48,360
Racist & Religious Hate Crime 221 8,224 230 8,727
Homophobic Crime 10 1,211 5 1,365

Aside from dodgy stats, the MPS Twitter accounts are also being used to plug the Met’s current meaningless catchphrase, Total War On Crime. The Total War On Crime would appear to have begun on 25 May, before which date we can only assume a partial war on crime.


Hello Lewisham thought I would try tweeting today to outline our commitment to a total war on crime – Chief Supt Burton Borough Commander


13 cars seized in Enfield yesterday during Operation Cubo, just one of the tactics being used in our total war on crime. JJBoroughCommander

Poor old @MPSMerton, though, would seem to be limited to just one day for their Total War On Crime:

Merton’s Total War on Crime Day has begun. Borough Commander in at 3.00am to brief teams & set out the plans for the day of action.

Featuring some Walmart-like staff exercises and bonding activities, no doubt. Have a nice day, now.








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