We sent two spies to the Euro Bus Expo 2012 in Birmingham today, in the form of Helen and, er, my mother, who likes buses.

Helen infiltrated the cab of the New Bus for London and succeeded in photographing the mysterious capacity placard:

This proves that not only is the official capacity figure of 87 bollocks but the response to the FoI I put into TfL:

They currently have a slightly lower capacity of around 83 passengers

also contains inaccurate information.  I’ll take that a bit further, I think.

The figure of 78 suggests that the bus is indeed designed to EU Whole Vehicle Type Approval and ECE 107 (which produces a figure per passenger of 68kg) – this is confirmed by the Wrightbus blurb next to the bus, helpfully photographed by our spy and sent by carrier pigeon:

Finally another MQT answer touching on the CO2 claims in last month’s post:

Stephen Knight AM (LD):

Please list the average PM10 emissions (g/km) from your new bus for London. How does this compare with existing double decker hybrids such as ADL Enviro400s and Volvo vehicles?


The New Bus for London is the most environmentally friendly bus of its kind. Compared to an ordinary Euro IV diesel bus, it will emit around 50 per cent less NOx and CO2. A standard hybrid bus emits about 30 per cent less CO2 and 20 per cent less NOx than an average Euro IV diesel bus.

Which is complete nonsense and doesn’t answer the question – we’re a long way from Euro IV; Euro VI is coming along soon and of course we have hundreds of normal hybrids around the capital now which is *what Stephen Knight was asking about*.   Why does Boris not want to tell us how the LardBus compares with those?  With this and the capacity failure there’s more evasion going on here than with fares on an open boarding bus.


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