From the BBC website back in March:

Mr Johnson, who is standing for re-election in May, said if returned to office he would not buy new Tube trains with drivers’ cabs.

From the pages of Modern Railways, November 2012 issue:

Since the existing 95/96 design Tube stock on the Northern and Jubilee quite definitely has drivers’ cabs, is this the next in a long line of Boris election promises that he has no intention of keeping?


7 Responses to TfL Consider Ordering Tube Trains With Cabs – Another Boris Promise Gone?

  1. Jim says:

    Come on now, if Boris had recited nursey rhymes during his campaign he would have still have been elected.
    I hope the people who voted for him suffer and the ones that did’nt have my sympathy

  2. Greg Tingey says:

    Boris was voted for with many people through gritted teeh (as I did) because Livingstone grovelled to a particular extremist religious faction.

    As for the “driverlesss” trains fiasco, may I recommend:

    THIS discussion!

  3. Tom says:

    “Boris was voted for with many people through gritted teeh (as I did) because Livingstone grovelled to a particular extremist religious faction.”

    Funny, that didn’t put me off*. The inability to run a city, incompetence and lying rather puts me off Boris, though, but it all depends what you consider important when electing someone to run a city, set realistic policies and carry them out, really.

    * Because it’s not true, thinking about it.

  4. Jim says:

    Yes I agree Tom.
    When voting I look at the overall picture.
    Greg must be very naive to think he will benefit from his decision and is “brave” to admit it in print

  5. Greg Tingey says:

    Oh dear
    THREE LIARS pretending to be me @ 00.19, 00.25 & 01.50, or more likely ths same moron posting three times?

    This is childish & very stupid.

    Meanwhile, back in the real world, I refuse to vote for anyone who stands on a public political platform with someone who says that: a] “killing jewish children is ok”
    b] “Women are inferior”
    And Ken did just that.

    Whatever Boris’ many faults, he is not that bad.

    As for driverless trains, we already have them, but for “crew-less” trains, forget it, & I re-recommend the post I linked, above.

  6. WTF?? says:

    Greg – so let me get this straight.

    You voted based on what a newspaper ‘told you’ Ken said – rather than the actual policies of the candidates?

    That makes you a moron – what a waste of a vote if we give it to morons like you.

  7. Greg Tingey says:

    Ken actually appeared on a platform with an islamicist, who was on record as saying what I repeated above.
    Islamicist policies are Nazi – they tick all the boxes.
    If you choose to associate with such, then you can forget my vote.
    My actual preference was for Paddick, but a vote for hiom would have let Ken in.
    No, I don’t like Boris, but …..

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