Someone asked on Twitter the other day why the New Bus for London has white destination blinds – I didn’t know and still don’t know.  However, trawling FoI requests turns up this:

  • .All displays must be in Transport for London’s Classic Johnston font.
  • All displays must be in Day-Glo yellow font on black background including out of service or any other passenger information.

all of which leaves us none the wiser, but it’s probably some design feature from the Routemaster.  Small thingm but a bit galling for other bus makers who are expected to stick to the rules when TfL won’t, really.  At least it doesn’t add any weight.

The internal capacity placard technically doesn’t have to be visible to passengers, but we’ve (Helen’s been looking) yet to find one that isn’t.


3 Responses to New Bus For London and TfL Standards

  1. martin says:

    I’m sure I read somewhere (possibly a comment on London Reconnections by an informed insider) that white blinds are the new norm for London buses. No idea why, or what difference if might make – perhaps with fluorescent tubes, yellow worked better, but now LEDs are becoming the norm, white is just as visible.

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