Boris Johnson will fly to India on 24 November to watch the Second Test commence his “global mission to attract investments” to London. The Mayor will visit Mumbai, Hyderabad and New Delhi and also plans to travel to Brazil, Russia and China in the next few months. He’ll no doubt be claiming ancestry and/or affiliation to all these countries and probably keeping very quiet about his view that China’s culture, art, language, sport, food and even military weaponry are vastly inferior to those of the West.


2 Responses to Boris’s World Tour Kicks Off In India

  1. Greg Tingey says:

    Well, he’s wrong about China, almost all of the time …
    Though I’m given to understand that one artistic mode they have never used or discovered is “A capella” singing – it really blows their minds when they hear it, like “wow!”.

    As for their script – it is a tragedy, actually, given that there are FOUR major chinese languages, mutually incomprehensible, but with common writing.
    Which is why a lot of them are learning, errr … English. The installation ceremony of the new politbureau was fascinating, with the public English-translator following each new members’ sppeches (!)
    The trouble is, that Chinese ideograms are developed form cuneiform, and they got “locked in” too soon to be able to switch to an alphabetic script.
    That may change, of course … we will see.

  2. […] Plans were afoot for Boris and his buddies from banned organisation F.L.O.P.S. to travel the country in traditional style on a herd of elephants but these may now be in jeopardy. […]

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