The Surrey Quays to Clapham Junction extension to the London Overground opened on 9 December last. Hurrah, I hear you say, that’ll speed up my journey.

The not-very-popular Talk London section of the Mayor’s website describes it thus:

The completion of tracks between Surrey Quays and Clapham Junction has created a new outer london orbital rail route, which opened on Sunday 9 December.

Yes. Thanks, Ken.

This has been referred to as the ‘M25 of rail’ and opens up new connections for many

I suppose you could say that, if a trip around the entire M25 involved changing vehicles twice. It’s necessary to change at both Clapham Junction and Highbury & Islington to complete a circuit.

 – allowing, for example, a journey from Dalston junction to Clapham junction in just 3 minutes.

Three minutes from Dalston Junction to Clapham Junction? Dalston Junction to Clapham Junction is 15 stops, meaning it’s only 12 seconds between stops. Amazing.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Boris Johnson’s highly-educated minions can’t tell the difference between actual journey time and a speeded-up film from the BBC.




4 Responses to Dalston Junction To Clapham Junction In Three Minutes, According To Mayor’s Website

  1. Paul says:

    Of course it’s also more of a North & South Circular of rail than an M25 of rail, but you wouldn’t expect a Mayor who knows nothing of London beyond Zone 1 to figure that out…

  2. Boris knows lots about London beyond Zone 1. It’s where he gets his votes from. He just doesn’t care about anywhere beyond zone 1. Or indeed anywhere in zone 1. Except, of course, for his planned new home in number 10 Downing Street.

  3. Greg Tingey says:

    Spot on!

  4. The truther says:

    This is good news – regular users will be able to claim back their journey fair every single day as that journey will defintiely be more than 20 minutes later than it’s advertised 3 minutes.

    I do it all the time – my tube journey is supposed to be 34 minutes – it’s never achieved that time – probably ever.
    …but I don’t care – according to this journey time I’m ‘late’ 3 out of 5 days a week!

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