John Griffin, Chair of minicab firm Addison Lee, is not happy with the Mayor of London.

During a London air pollution conference today, held at University College London, Griffin made plain that he thinks the Mayor is wasting his time with half-hearted promotion of electric vehicles.

Griffin, a Clean Air Ambassador for Change London, said:

I sponsor the Mayor…I have never been inside his office. A cup of tea and a bun would be nice!

Addison Lee donated £250,000 in cash and over £4,000-worth of minicab journeys to the Conservatives between December 2008 and September 2011.

With reference to the lung capacity of London’s children being permanently reduced by high levels of PM10 in the capital’s polluted air, Griffin claimed that London’s black taxi cabs were responsible for 38% of all air pollution in the city but his minicabs were 44% less polluting. Griffin stated that as the Mayor awarded 15-year licences to black taxis but 10-year licences to Addison Lee, he was more concerned with cabbies who might not vote for him rather than reducing emissions.

Boris Johnson wrote to him to promote electric vehicles but Griffin responded:

Please don’t insult my intelligence, talking about electric cars!

Griffin then proclaimed that Addison Lee would never have electric vehicles in our lifetimes – or ever.

He continued:

We’re not going to be fobbed off by a Mayor  who, just because he can’t find a solution, has dreamt his own up. While we’re looking at something that’s not going to happen, things are not going to get any better.

The Mayor needs bombarding – he is not taking this seriously. People are dying, this is serious – children are dying.

Get rid of him and sling him in the Thames!

If only large donations from those with vested interests could guarantee results….






2 Responses to Minicab Boss Who Helped Bankroll Boris Johnson’s Mayoral Election Campaign Says: “Get Rid of Him And Sling Him In The Thames!”

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  2. The truther says:

    This is shit vs faeces – typical of the Addison Lee owner, can’t get his own way so he throws a hissy fit like a spoilt child. I seem to recall him actively suggesting his cabbies break the law and use bus lanes during the Olympics – so Mr Griffin thinks he is above the law too!
    Still – he only got this impression from Boris – who is only too quick to suck up to a rich man – no matter what his background and no matter who his country tortures.

    Boris is a moral vacumn when it comes to ‘begging money for London’ – Griffin has just got too used to that idea.

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